The ramblings of a lunatic expat.

I am Californian who relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2006..

I'm a manicurist and a madwoman and I do a damn good job at both.

embracethelost asked: Tell me about how you came to be an expat? And what's your favorite part of living in Australia (or is it New Zealand)?

Once upon a time there was a website called Fark.com. (It was way better back then) People on it used to meet up, just like Twitter and Tumblr people do now. In 2006, I met a dude from Australia on there. He was travelling in the US and met up with a bunch of Farkers. We were just friends. We caught up again a few months later and something happened and we weren’t just friends anymore. In November 2006, I moved to Melbourne to be with him. At the same time, Michele's boyfriend Todd was driving from California to New York to be with her after meeting via Fark. And at nearly the same time, Cindy's boyfriend Aaron moved from Ohio to Boston to be with her, after - you guessed it - meeting on Fark. Someday, the six of us are going to celebrate our collective anniversary together. The Internet is pretty cool, y'all.

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