The ramblings of a lunatic expat.

I am Californian who relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2006..

I'm a manicurist and a madwoman and I do a damn good job at both.


I love Grumpy Cat, too, but I can’t look at more than a few photos of him (her? it?) at a time because then I get all, “eeewwww Inbred Deformed Cat”.

  1. existentialanonym said: I always feel like I am making fun of down syndrome when I like Grumpy Cats posts. :(
  2. halfbakedidea said: I love her but now everyone knows I love her so my inbox, Facebook, and Tumblr is full of people posting grumpy cat for me. Which is fine. Kind of sweet :)
  3. emmyinabox said: Her name is Tardar Sauce, which I feel is a cat name you’d approve of.
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