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I am Californian who relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2006..

I'm a manicurist and a madwoman and I do a damn good job at both.

Anonymous asked: I had no idea eyelash extensions were even possible- yours look AMAZING.

Yeah, it’s one of those extremely weird OTT beauty things. I had never wanted or even considered it, but when Carina of Emerald With Envy (google her if you’re in Melbourne, i cant put a link in here) moved into our salon, she offered me free lash extensions in order to promote her services to my clients. I was hesitant, but I was also intrigued and I have a complete inability to turn down free shit. So I asked her to please not make me look like an off-duty showgirl, and 2 hours later I had these amazing eyelashes. I no longer wear any eye makeup at all aside from a swipe of nude eyeshadow. I AM ADDICTED. She refills them every 2 weeks to replace the ones you naturally shed. I GOT A COUPLE OF GLITTER LASHES LAST WEEK yeah so much for the “natural” look.

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