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erinmargrethe said: 8 years - you guys are on the same timeline as us and Cindy+Tonkin.

Yeah, Tonkin and I were hitting on each other on another website. Damn girls got in the way.

One day, we ALL will have bubbles together.

LOLOLOL and yes, Cindy!
Ross and I keep saying we’ll go back to Chicago (and stay in the same hotel/same room) for our 10th anniversary.

Ep 3: Our Bonza Accent — Twenty Seventy


Does the development of the Australian accent in the 1970s mark the nascent stage of our national identity?

Clem Bastow speaks to Georgia Webster about how the 1970s Australian accent came about and whether it is the definition of what it means to sound Aussie-as.

Episode 20: Self Doubt with Merlin Mann


Josh and I work pretty methodically. Along with our sometime co-host Jerome Lebel-Jones, we have recorded 20 episodes of The Nudge podcast. Nominally, it’s a show about being better designers –– our idea was to make a podcast for designers that mostly featured people who weren’t designers for their day job –– but really it’s about continuing to grow and learn throughout your life.

We’ve had a rule that we would only interview people face-to-face. Partially, that’s a hold-out from the way I was taught to interview people, and partially it was because to create something interesting it helps to have constraints, even if they’re made of smoke.

For episode 20, we broke our rule. Merlin Mann was nice enough to speak to us over Skype about self-doubt, premature praise, and how hard it is to do an Australian accent. If you have 37 minutes to spare then this is the episode of The Nudge for you.

We’ve lived our lives with negative images of ourselves, from childhood on, and we’ve built upon those images, and built upon them, and they became very heavy weights. These thoughts about us are a part of our ego, and they’re manifested through our roles of child or husband, wife, breadwinner, all of those roles. They’re built upon the thoughts of, “I’m not truthful” or “I’m not likable”, “I’m not good” – all of those negative images. Once you identify with your soul you start to taste the love in your true self, in your spiritual heart and it’s different than all of the loves you’ve ever had. It’s just different; it’s unconditional love.

— Ram Dass. (via dharmabumblr)

Ram Dass makes me think of my Buddhist phase in my late teens/early 20s. I’m drifting back to it now, and it’s amazing how much more I get out of it with an extra 20 years of life behind me.

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"Are you sh… Are you sh… Are you shitting me right now?”


Welp, this is hilariously awesome.

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The Somerton Man



1948: An unidentified man is found poisoned on a beach in South Australia against the backdrop of Russian spy rings operating in Australia, the formation of ASIO, and secret British weapons tests at Woomera.

You should all be listening to Last Stop To Nowhere.